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professional bio

Highly Curious | Highly Passionate | Always willing to improve | Decisive Action

Outstanding leadership and strategic decision-making skills with the credibility and influence to operate and communicate effectively with all levels and stakeholders. A strategic thinker and leader who creates and develops the long-term vision, a robust personal contributor to the success of the business prioritising customers first and adopting a "sense making" approach. Possesses a broad portfolio of sales, partner management and business development experience and is particularly skilled in the delivery of results within complex stakeholder environments.

I have the attitude to lead and the mindset to learn. 

What motivates and drives me:

1. Learning in every way, shape and form

2. Collaborating

3. Energy

4. Positive People

5. Growth momentum  

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell

Sales Leader | Leadership | Business Strategy | Digital Marketing | Commercially Aware |

Entrepreneurial | Networking | Sales Strategy | E-Commerce | Social Media

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