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Outstanding leadership and strategic decision-making skills with the credibility and influence to operate and communicate effectively with all levels and stakeholders. A strategic thinker and leader who creates and develops the long-term vision, a robust personal contributor to the success of the business prioritising customers first and adopting a "sense making" approach. Possesses a broad portfolio of sales, partner management and customer success experience and is particularly skilled in the delivery of results within complex stakeholder environments.

I have the attitude to lead and the mindset to learn. 

What motivates and drives me:

1. Learning in every way, shape and form

2. Personal Growth and Challenges

3. Collaboration and Interactions

4. Energy

5. Positive People

6. Achievement and Recognition

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell

professional bio

Highly Curious | Highly Passionate | Always willing to improve | Decisive Action

Sales Leader | Leadership | Business Strategy | Customer Success | Commercially Aware |

Entrepreneurial | Networking | Sales Strategy | E-Commerce | Social Media

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