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Hi, I'm Lara!

I am an optimist and feminist and have a love for all things technology and digital. 


My professional heart beats when I get to produce results and increase metrics and I am bad at saying "no" to a challenge. I have a deep appreciation for accomplishing tasks with a professional approach.  I honestly think that to laugh is the thing I like most.


Born in Istanbul to a German mom and Turkish dad, I discovered my traveller soul quite early in my teen years. I thrive on new experiences, unfamiliar cultures and foreign languages. I am an extrovert and my energy level is closely tied to my environment. Studied, lived & worked in six countries, I ended up having too many suite cases that have a dedicated space in my apartment - ready whenever I am. Currently, I am happily based in London. My background is in International Business with a focus in Business Communications, Marketing and Controlling. I also hold a Hospitality & Tourism graduate degree with a concentration in Branding.

 I am currently completing my Executive MBA which is so engrossing that it fuels my creativity and keeps me awake at night :). Learning never ends does it? The combination of intellectual stimulation and the opportunity to think outside the box brings me immense joy and excitement. The past nine years, I have dedicated my professional career to the world of Account Management, Sales and Customer Success! The work I do can best be described as a persistent motivated crush.

What I particularly love about it? Finding the most efficient route to reach goals and facing difficult situations with creative solutions and teams. To build an epic passionate team and igniting performance brings me joy. People put the ‘dream’ in work, and without people, you have no team. I am seeking to be inspired by surrounding myself with those who bring out the best in me, envision the unlikely and work hard for things that are worth it! But life is not all about work, is it? I optimize my life around learning new things, insightful conversations, spending quality time with people I love and helping others grow. I could talk about things personal development all day long. Sometimes I worry that I wont be able to read all the books I want in this lifetime. In my downtime you'll find me outdoors or planning my next trip (PS: I hope to add some more regions to my repertoire sooner rather than later), dancing (sometimes really good and sometimes really embarrassing) obsessing over coffee, being inspired by fashion & interior design, attempting to learn Hebrew and Korean or lost in my thoughts on a walk. Volunteering for causes I care deeply about (i.e. education) and giving back to communities through positive impact plays a pivotal role in my happiness and fuels me with energy. I also enjoy eating my way around the world. I am those things, I'm also much more. I’m more than a limited character count and filtered photo to be found in the void of social media.


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